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CNEPE 2013, First Call


DEPARTAMENTO DE ECONOMIA                        


Sixth National Graduate Students in Economics Conference 

May 23 - 24, 2013

Casa de la Cultura, Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahía Blanca (PBA), ARGENTINA

Organized by Departamento de Economía, Universidad Nacional del Sur e Instituto de Investigaciones Económicas y Sociales del Sur (IIESS),  CONICET-Universidad Nacional del Sur.

Organizing Committee: President: Dra. Silvia London, General Coordinator: Lic. Pablo Daniel Monterubbianesi, Support Staff: Lic. (Mg.) María Florencia Arnaudo, Lic. Celeste Chaz Sardi, Lic. (Mg.) Gabriela Cristiano, Lic. (Mg.) Carina Guzowski, Dr. Germán González, Dr. Juan Manuel Larrosa, Lic. (Mg.) Viviana Leonardi, Dra. Nebel Moscoso, Lic. Silvia Morresi, Dr. Jorge Pazzi, Lic. (Mg.) Lorena Tedesco, Dra. Mariana Zilio.

Academic Comittee (provisional list): Dr. Elvio Accinelli Gamba (UASLP, Méjico), Dr. Leandro Arozamena (UTDT-CONICET), Lic. (Mg.) José Bercoff (UNT), Dr. Víctor Brescia (INTA-UCEMA), Dra. Ana María Cerro (UNT-UNSTA), Dr. Omar Chisari (UADE-CONICET), Dr. Francisco Ciocchini (UCA), Dra. Marcela Cristini (FIEL), Dra. Mariana De Santis (UNC), Dra. Edith Depetris de Guiguet (UNL), Dr. Gustavo Ferro (UADE-CONICET), Dr. Alberto Figueras (UNC), Dr. Héctor Gertel (UNC), Dr. Martín Grandes (UCA), Dr. Juan Carlos Hallak (UdeSA-CONICET), Dr. Sebastián Katz (BCRA-UBA-UdeSA), Dr. Enrique Kawamura (UdeSA), Dr. Daniel Lema (INTA-UCEMA), Dr. Jorge Oviedo (UNSL-CONICET), Lic. (Mg.) Elizabeth Pasteris (UNCu), Dra. Rossana Patrón (Universidad de la República, Uruguay), Dr. Javier Pérez (Banco de España), Dra. Natalia Porto (UNLP), Dr. Martín Puchet Anyul (UNAM, Méjico), Lic. (Mg.) Elsa Rodríguez (UNMdP), Dr. Héctor Sejenovich (UBA), Dr. Jorge Streb (UCEMA), Dr. Federico Weinschelbaum (UdeSA).

General Information

The National Graduate Students in Economics Conference is aimed at students enrolled in graduate programs in any branch of Economics and related disciplines at Argentine or foreign universities, as well as those who have obtained their graduate degree after May 2012.

The objectives of this conference are: to contribute to the dissemination of research results, to encourage a profitable exchange of ideas, and to promote the creation of bonds between members of the new generation of economists.

Papers addressing any current research topic in Economics or related areas are welcome. The Academic Committee will evaluate submissions based on their quality and originality.  Full articles will be published in an electronic version.  

While to participate are accepted papers where one / s of the co-authors are not enrolled in a graduate degree program, only will be considered for the award those papers where all authors are enrolled in a graduate degree program.

As in previous editions of the conference, the best papers will be awarded the Estudios Económicos Prize, consisting of the publication of the articles in the homonymous journal of the Department of Economics at Universidad Nacional del Sur.

Keynote speakers will include several prestigious Argentine researchers.

Those who wish to present their work at the VI CNEPE must fill out the application form below and send it by e-mail along with the abstract and the full version of the article.

Further information:

Universidad Nacional del Sur, Departamento de Economía.
12 de octubre 1198, 7mo piso
D8000CTX - Bahía Blanca, Argentina

Tel. +54 291 4595138
Fax. +54 291 4595139

Web Site:


Registration and Fee

This subject will be addressed in future bulletins.   
A limited number of accommodation scholarships will be available.

Formal aspects


Maximum length: 30 pages, in Spanish or English. It should be printed in pages size A4 (space 1½, one column, justified, letter type Arial 12, all margins 2.5 cm).

The first page must include: the title in the first line, centered and in capital letters; in the second line the name of the author, centered and in bold letters together with the institutional belonging in parentheses; immediately below, the abstract (250 words) and the corresponding thematic field(s), using the three-digits code of the JEL, for instance: JEL: D91.

Comments or explanatory notes must be included as footnotes, while references should be presented at the end of the paper. Graphs and tables must be included in the text. Word 6.0 processor (or a later version) should be used.

Papers received after the established deadline and those which do not follow the required format will be returned to their authors.

The papers submitted should be original, either yet unpublished or published after May 25, 2012.

At most one paper as an author and one as a co-author will be accepted, under the requirement that at least one of the authors be enrolled in a graduate degree program.

The submission of a paper implies the acceptance of the decision of the Academic Committee regarding its inclusion in the Conference, which will be unappealable. The presentation of a paper implies granting authorization to the Instituto de Investigaciones Económicas y Sociales del Sur for its publication in the conference proceedings and at the official website. Comments and replicas will be included in the latter. Accepted articles will be published exactly as they were presented, no modifications will be accepted.

Important dates:

Deadline for submission of Papers:
Notification to authors of the acceptance:
01 March 2013
01 April 2013
Conference Opening:
23 May 2013
Closing Session:
24 May 2013

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